Sitting on my own

Feeling quiet & alone

Sometimes makes you sad & upset

Problems and things that you just can't forget

Makes you feel down & pulls you apart

That some day you’ll never find your real heart.


But open your eyes and start to see

That really there’s someone who wants to be –

That someone that you need.


You feel this urge to go to a place

But to where you don't know – it feels like it's in space

Because of its beauty that can't be found

In a place like this on earthly ground.


The next morning you were taken to this place

That was built of silks & beautiful lace,

As soon as you enter the door

It was then that you saw

A person, a shadow, a warm figured man,

That seemed to reach out and touch your hand.


You felt this reaction

A means of devotion

This Powerful person,

Gave you all of these emotions,

But you wasn't confused which was very unusual

For you was in a world of beauty and happiness

That took away sorrow and all of your loniness

As you looked at the cross and moved to it slowly

You felt an excitement that was more than Holy.


The face you could see was happy and yet not hurt

For the nails that were hammered into his hands

Seemed not to give pain but a warmth that remained

The face you could see was happy and wise

And his head hung low but not his eyes.

His eyes were bright and very strong

And brought forth a light that forever shone.

That lit everyone's life in every way,

And led them to love him every day.

That pulled people through so that they would believe

That he was never gone & never would leave.


His fingers were strong and yet very smooth

But didn't stay still but slightly move

His hair was long & hung around his face

That gave this feeling that was special to this place

(Why yet I couldn't see this special mystery)


For yet I knelt down on the pillow that lay on the floor

I placed my hands together and asked for so much more

For a feeling I wanted so very much

Tears of joy I had never felt

For this man whose wisdom and love had been placed

So that I and many more would rest our case

To be placed in his hands for evermore

That I really felt sure in what I saw.


For there was a light that was in my vision

That really it was now I was in fixation

A feeling that is very hard to explain

Of so much love & joy but yet there was pain

I couldn't believe how I was reacting

My tears wouldn't stop they were overflowing.

But yet I’m not sad – oh I'm definitely not sad

I am just – oh just so very very glad

For soon I must leave as the day is closing

He tells me Don't worry – he soon shall be coming.


For why did I hold my hands together

It felt so good I wanted to stay forever

But I know I had to return if only to say

I saw Jesus Christ today.


While my hands are together for I am praying

My mouth is moving for I am speaking to him myself

For he is magnificent for yet he does send

Me beauty and love that never does end,

For Faith & love are powerful still

Sins are forgiven and now he has healed,

Not just me but many many people

Who now worship him in this dear temple.


Today I had realised a person

That gave me a strong emotion

And really this man he is full of glory

That really holds wisdom in every story.

He is just a man, that cannot be replaced

For himself that he gave to us in his place,

His body that was placed on a cross

Shall never ever be forgot.

For his position had saved all of our lives

For soon shall we meet & never say goodbyes

For he shall be my King

And I – oh I shall sing.


Written by Debbie Pike aged 15 years old with the help of the divine Lord in automatic handwriting.