Welcome to Divine Messenger

Debbie has a unique gift that has been with her since she was 14 years old. Debbie has many life experiences and coupled with her spiritual abilities it has enabled her to empower others. She has worked with religious faiths, spiritual people and psychics and as seen from her testimonials she has helped many people.

Debbie has experienced visions, prophesy, automatic hand writing and had premonitions and an out of body experience following a serious car accident. She can see angels, orbs and spirit.

Debbie has a private angel room where she holds meetings, readings and meditation & prayer.

Debbie is also creative and makes angel figures, books, broaches, jars etc. Please look at the Crystal Angels tab for more information.

Finally Debbie works with local community and offers people to bring their workshops, courses to Woodside Barn and dates are on the website but for further information please contact the relevant tutor.

Please scan my website for details of what I offer and if I can be of assistance to you.


Thank you for visiting my site.