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Thank you!

Thank you for a beautiful reading!

Constructive advise for my souls purpose, reassurance and accurate signs and information that confirmed to me my reading having not disclosed the information to anyone previously. Honest without butter coating or softening the message from spirit. A safe friendly motherly feel of comfort during my reading.

Thank you Howie!

I highly recommend 

I will be coming back!

Thank you so much for a wonderful reading. you answered so many questions I had been asking myself. You delivered this in a friendly and compassionate manner. I will definitely be coming back to see you again! Nikki 

One word... AMAZING!

One word! AMAZING.....

Completely spot on! Thank you so much!  

Scarlett x

Lovely warm reader!

Debbie is a lovely reader,

Thank you so much!

Claire x

Absolutely Amazing!!!!





Thank you so much! very reassuring and Spot on!

Bex x

Brilliant Reading...

Thank you for such a good reading it was brilliant 

Claire x

Amazing Reading!

I have to say I had an amazing reading.

Truly gifted and put me at ease

Has given me the confidence to go forward

Tom x

Once again!

Once again my dear Starlight you have given me a beautiful reading. ..clarifying my path and giving me the courage to move forward in my life. I was floating after talking with you. May all the angels bless and keep you ... so you may continue to shine your light on the lives of others xxxx 💗💗 much love Sarah

1st Reading

This was my 1st reading with starlight. She left me feeling happy and excited about the future and made it easier for me to let go off current issues. She was able to pick up and validate things happening presently around me, things that happened in the past and exciting things to come. We were also able to have a bit of a giggle too. I will definitely be calling again for another reading soon. ❤

Everything you said!

Hi Starlight, Everything you said, I resonated with, especially around a job offer!. I'm the girl who is heading off to pursue her American dream and change her life. I thank archangel Michael for guiding me to you, for me to gain insight & clarity of the path I am taking. I send you light and love & I ask of archangel Michael to continually bless you and your work & I will be launching my healing services as you foreseen. Anita. X

Starlight 07/02/17

Loved my readings with Starlight 7/2/17

Amazing.. Literally Amazing!!

Amazing . Literally amazing . The real deal ! A beautiful soul with a beautiful gift . Love from the one who asks for mum all the time !❤️

Without doubt..

Without doubt the best on this site and I have talked to quite a few . ❤️
Starlight is really good, she is lovely to speak to and won't tell you things to make you happy, she is about the truth and sometimes it's not going to be what you want to hear but it's worth it! She has given me good advice and insight and I look forward to what comes next! Love from U xxx


Wow...simply amazing...highly recommended xx

I love this lady!

I love this lady!!! Had quite a few readings with her now, and every single time she gets it right without fail!! The validations are out of this world, and this latest reading a couple of things in my life have changed ( which she did tell me would happen in a previous reading, I was just sceptical) this awesome lady picked up on them immediately! She is unbelievable 🙂 so fortunate to get her when I can. Thank You Starlight ❤ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Starlight is a living angel
Starlight is a living angel. Events she predicted are starting to happen after months of my 'doubting Thomas' attitude. Her accuracy is outstanding - she said the man would change his diary to meet on Friday and would confirm it very soon. This happened seconds later while still on the reading! I also saw the rainbow and the small windfall came through. Longed for changes in career are also taking shape. 100% amazing ♥♥♥
Very spiritual reading

Very spiritual reading from Starlight. Thank you xx

Thank you so much

Wow thank you so so much Debbie .... it’s you who is the most beautiful soul😇 ... I don’t know what I would do without you ❣️ ... your guidance and kindness and love💚 - thank you again and wishing you a wonderful new year 💫

Oh my...

Oh my god starlight I waited ages to get through to u but u were definitely worth the wait ur amazing The connection u have to spirit is amazing told me so much looking forward to predictions will keep u updated thank u so much

Beautiful lady

Beautiful lady do helpful and accurate in all her readings I couldn't ask for A BETTER READER. She's fantastic

Just had a amazing reading

Just had a amazing reading from the lovely starlight from a fellow medium. 😇 the validations she gave fast information and told me a white feather will appear at my outside door and it has. Thank you so much it has given me clarity, confidence, peace of mind and calmness xx B ♥

Absolutely brilliant

Hi starlight it's sandeep (nyc) I will try to catch you soon but I wanted to let you know as I was walking home from work one day into my second week out here I saw a feather AGAIN by my feet walking as I was asking the angels am I on the right path by being out here. I guess they answered me right. I have full faith in them on whatever is meant to be will be. Sending lots of love from across the Atlantic! X
Absolutely brilliant. Starlight reads from the the essence of your heart/soul. Her validations astonishingly accurate.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for my wonderful reading today Debbie. You are truly blessed by the Angels and we are lucky to have you on this earth. You are both warm and friendly and your reading blew my mind today I can't believe how accurate you were with names birthdays and characters you gave me information that I had been longing to hear. I really look forward to the future now because I have finally found someone like you that I trust and believe in. God bless you Debbie! You are a wonderful person. Susan L XX

I am truly amazed by her..

I am truly amazed by her ability to contact with those that we've lost and to be able to tell us things that we wonder about. What an amazing experience and so accurate - cant thank Debbie enough and cant recommend her enough. She is such a wonderful lady who doesnt only make you feel comfortable but guides you. Her reading was so accurate and i am definitely looking forward to see her again. Claudia x

Accurate powerful reading
Accurate readings powerful for the divine timing to complete your souls mission A angel mother on earth to help those confused lost or seeking answers for the greater good I have experienced the rooms available to hire and have had the most love and comfort of my lifetime at Debbie's and David's healing centre Having been on a twisted path of life lessons Debbie came into my life with gentleness grace and calmness. Her pure heart has enabled her to have the responsibility and gift of helping others find there way or advance to greater things for the higher good of themselves and others they connect with For myself Debbie has guided me to a change in my career from a job for money that didn't serve me any longer exchanged to a job that makes my heart sing 🎶 where I thought that wouldn't be possible Healed away old unhealthy thought patterns replacing with positive affirmations that have changed my destiny by empowering me towards working with light workers I hold a special place for Debbie in my heart not only for the changes she's made advice received and help she has given me but for the inspiration of her pure beauty and love. Just being in her company is healing and enjoyable The hire venues at her healing home are created with such dedication to help others with life changing events and important choices ahead you certainly going to a loving place if you have Debbie's guidance Words are hard to describe this experience as it's so magical you question it but YES it true you to can have a loving guide not only in Sprit but on the earths plane Her angels work hard too and I am eternally grateful I've been gifted with her time and love and angelic support Love you Starlight a beautiful angel 😇 x