What is Powertex

Powertex is a fabric hardener, an environmentally friendly water-based alternative to acryic. You can use it for artwork, statues, paintings and jewelry.

Powertex is a hardener for all absorbent and natural materials such as textiles, paper cardboard, leather, plush and fiberglass. Powertex easily mixes with sand and wood powder to create structures.

Combine it with Stone Art powder to create a unique self-hardening modeling paste.

Powertex adheres to most materials except plastic. Plastic sheeting makes a great work surface and can be used in special sculpting applications for temporary supports and separations. 

Powertex comes in different colours are Bluish Grey (lead colour), Bronze, Terra Cotta, Ivory and Green, ready to use, and Transparent.

Powertex transparent is milky white and dries almost matte and clear once it is hardened, which allows you to maintain the original color and pattern of the fabric.

I love working with Powertex and below are just some of the items I have available for purchase.
I can make to order for personalised gifts please contact me for further information.