My name is Debbie and I was first aware of my gift when I was 14 years old and attended a church in America called the Assemblies of God. I was praising with my eyes closed and my hands in the air when I felt heat coming into my hands. I opened my eyes to see who it was putting their hands against mine and when I opened my eyes no one was in front of me but I saw Jesus on the cross in the front of the church. I left the church and was bamboozled by what I had seen and when I got home I felt different. I sat down and had my first experience of automatic handwriting. I wrote an amazing poem which was done to remind me that the experience was real and would never leave me or be forgotten.
I have to be honest I hate being called something, like a psychic, medium, Christian or spiritualist! I don't really fit into any category I am just me linked to the higher realm, universe or divine lord and creator. I call myself a divine messenger because I am able to bring messages from the unseen world. I work for God and it is no easy task it holds huge responsibility and one I have put off for many years. I have experienced like so many of you, rejection, lack of confidence, self esteem issues and I have experienced mental health issues, who hasn't!! It's tough down here on the earth plane what is easy about it. Each one of us are fighting a battle, facing pain or challenges and learning how to put our trust in God.
I understand that going through the horrid situations has made me the person I am today and I have finally come to a place where I can love myself. It's been tough dealing with physical and mental abuse, rejection, pain of losing someone you love and the horrendous struggles finances bring in your life. In all the time I was going through this I never realised I was going through the furnace to be shaped into a diamond ready to help others. People ask me what is your faith, what do you believe how can you believe in Christianity and yet speak to spirits. Quite frankly I have no idea why either would reject me when I only know love, peace and caring for humanity.

Ultimately my beliefs are not what matters, but doing Gods will who created the universe in whatever way he chooses to use me is who I must answer to. Faith is unseen, but only understood when we take the leap not knowing what will happen, trusting when we have no guarantees and believing in the divine light that shines within each one of us.

Personally I believe in Jesus and his existence why because of my experience mainly in seeing and later in what he has said and done for me throughout my life but sadly it would have been greater if my faith had come from believing in faith not by sight.

Biblically my favourite book has to be Corinthians and the chapter that was read at Lady Diana's Funeral, faith, love and hope but the greatest of these is love. That is the truth.

When I was baptised in a river in America I remember my mother and father giving me my first beautiful bible and they both put beautiful verses in there but my fathers verse lead me to where I am today. It was seek yea first the kingdom of god and all these things shall be added unto you!

My journey may not be easy in a world of darkness but it's a great privilege to shine his light into the night and create stars that help lead us to see the beauty in such a difficult and painful journey we all have to endure until we reunite back home with our maker.

My gifts are many and some I do not have time to use properly but I do receive messages from the higher realm, angels, Jesus, Archangels.

My intuition comes from sources such as the Holy Spirit, people who have passed over and give me information and some very important Masters.

You will see none of this will sit pretty with a Christian or Spiritual person and maybe I am unique as I believe we all are but I am me and will continue to stay true to the powers above to ensure Gods will is done.

I pray, I meditate and I my whole being is focused on seeking the truth, bringing messages to people whether that be Prophecy, scriptural, spiritually or divine. I can see, hear and feel things and it comes from being a highly sensitive person and being non-judgemental and open to accepting people with unconditional love.

I ask no matter what faith, culture or rich or poor background you may have, just love one another without prejudice or judgement, seek the best for one another and know that it's a journey that we entered with nothing and we leave with nothing, in between we learn and our journey is short, at at the core of every decision you make let it be love that guides you.